The Purple Framework
Has been developed to present single tasks or combinations of up to four tasks simultaneously to create multi-tasking environments representative of environments or situations where individuals are required to attend and respond to several tasks at the same time. The standard framework consists of eight tasks, all of which can be presented in any combination up to a maximum of four tasks per configuration, and at varying levels of workload intensity. The framework also allows for the manipulation of other parameters (eg, performance feedback and competition modes) to further customise the multi-tasking environment.

In addition, Purple Research Solutions can produce customised modules based upon your specifications. These customised modules can be integrated into the standard framework and used in combination with existing modules or to produce bespoke multi-tasking environments customised to your unique specifications.

The framework utilises a modular design and drag and drop interface allowing for the easy manipulation of parameters and configuration of multi-tasking environments. The wide range of options therefore makes the Purple Research Framework an extremely versatile tool for use in a variety of settings. © 2001-2005 Privacy Policy Terms Of Use